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Care Instructions


Because most of our products are made from high quality solid wood we recommend the following care instructions to ensure they last the test of time.

Wood is a fantastic natural material, but it is influenced by factors such as humidity, light and heat. Even surface-treated, painted or varnished products can be influenced by external circumstances. Wood will shrink in a dry climate and swell in a humid climate. Wood will move over time and we have no control over this natural process.


Our carts and display products are for display purposes only. The carts will hold up to a maximum weight of 100 kg.

Handle all products with care when moving them, wood can chip and dent easily.

We offer specific finishes to our products including, staining, waxing and professional high shine spray-painting. If you undertake this process independently, you do so at your own risk and we do not accept responsibility for any damage caused to the product.

Our carts can be used indoors and outdoors providing they have been adequately protected; given the nature of wood it will not stand prolonged weathering from Mother Nature, including wind, rain and direct sunlight.
Spilled liquids can discolour the surface of wood, immediately wipe up any spilled liquid with a dry cloth.

Do not place products next to a direct heat source e.g. radiators.

Hot objects placed directly on to a wooden surface can cause marking and discolouration.

Screws and fittings should be checked and tightened if necessary to maintain stability and function.

Despite us using top quality solid wood, as a natural material it continues to absorb and release moisture. Thus, it can shrink and swell which can result in cracks occurring in the various joints, this is nothing that affects the strength of the product and is not considered a defect.

Some products are made to look aged and antique. The abraded edges, cracks, uneven colour and surfaces add to the rustic aesthetics of the product and not considered as defects.

Most of our products are handcrafted, which means it is unique and it is not possible to have two products which are 100% identical.

Wooden products can stand the test of time if cared for, but with use comes general wear and tear.

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