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Custom candle and label, so you can put your own message in your own words – or simply personalise one of our designs with an added name.

Let us know the scent of the candle you would like, followed by the message or name you would like printed on the label.

Check out our Instagram for ideas!

All our candles are handmade in the UK using a high premium, natural, soy wax & only the best fragrance oils we can find – & trust us, we have sourced many!

These candles have a perfect melt pool & super scent throw… but remember to trim your wicks. The natural cotton wicks will burn evenly creating a strong, romantic, flickering flame.

The amber jars protect any damage from sunlight & the aluminium lids keep the scent contained when the candle is not burning.

We love all these scents but the choice is yours.




Let me know the text for the label. Be as clear as possible – I want to make you exactly what you are looking for.

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