Wall Mounted Wine Rack

This is a handcrafted rustic, wall mounted wine rack.

The shape of a standard wine bottle is carved out of the wood to hold a bottle of wine in place.

This wine rack is unique and designed by us. We use ethically sourced reclaimed and new solid wood. The wood is carved, stained and waxed with premium quality bees wax.

we intentionally handcraft this product to look rustic and each one will be individual.

The wine rack holds 7 bottles, one for every day of the week.

This wine rack comes with coat wrought iron hooks. Take off your coat, hang it up and grab a bottle of the finest.

If you are looking for a unique & unusual way to display wine to set you apart from the rest, then this wooden wine rack display is perfect.

The wine rack comes with brackets to mount to the wall or have it free-standing on any surface.

These wine racks are made-to-order.

This is a traditional nook rustic piece.

Dimensions: 1160mm long x 190mm Width x 40mm Height
Materials: Solid Timber


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